From concept to creation

Your reliable partner for the production of the best nutritional supplements on the market!

Vitalogy expertly manages your supplement production, assuring quality and safety, so you can focus on growing your business.

Špičková výroba vašich doplňků stravy

Vitalogy kompletně zajistí produkci Vašich doplňků stravy tak, abyste se mohli plně soustředit na rozvoj vašeho byznysu.

Why us?

„We are a private label manufacturer of new generation
Roman Jusko
Founder & CEO

What we can do


    We design and blend proteins, meal replacements, and other powdered superfoods with an emphasis on superior quality and exceptional taste, setting us apart in the industry.

    Capsulated supplements

    We provide top-tier capsulated supplement production, exclusively using pure, additive-free ingredients. Our offerings include vegan capsules based on HPMC and tapioca, catering to health-conscious consumers and the growing demand for plant-based products


    We utilize the finest natural and synthetic ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and extracts. By collaborating directly with producers and trusted wholesalers, we guarantee the highest possible quality. Our focus lies in ensuring quality, purity, and optimal bioavailability of our products.


    We provide an extensive array of packaging solutions tailored to your product specifications and design preferences. Keeping in line with environmental sustainability, we also offer eco-friendly options such as recyclable and bio-based materials.


    Guiding you through the complex world of nutritional science and legislation, we ensure your product shines in the marketplace, while maintaining full compliance with regulatory standards.

Where Nature Meets Innovation

„We are trendsetters in minerals and vitamins
We understand the key importance of minerals and vitamins for human health and have decided to become pioneers in this field.
Marek Pastorek
Founder & CSO

Mastering Magnesium

At Vitalogy, we're setting new standards in the world of magnesium supplements. We understand the vital importance of magnesium in our daily health, and we've carved our niche as industry trailblazers in this arena.

From Inception to Completion

About us

Vitalogy is an ISO registered facility specialising in the manufacture of high-quality dietary supplements. Serving a diverse clientele worldwide, we take pride in crafting top-tier private label nutraceuticals.
Our dedicated team of production specialists, flavorists, formulators, and quality control personnel is committed to excellence. 
At Vitalogy, we uphold the safety and quality of our nutraceuticals, ensuring they remain appealing and relevant in the dynamic global health and wellness industry.

Utilizing 100% renewable energy sources for our activities

In spite of the rising energy prices, we, as the first manufacturing company in the supplements market, have decided to embrace the path of social responsibility, utilizing 100% renewable energy sources for our activities.

This means that even your product, manufactured under our roof, was produced with the help of ‘green energy,’ meeting the expectations of modern customers who care about where they invest their money.

If you wish to communicate this information to your customers, you can use a graphical symbol or any other means to convey this message on all products manufactured for you.

Thank you for helping us contribute to sustainable business practices and creating a better place to live for current and future generations.
„Ideas are easy, implementation is hard“
Walt Disney
„We make the
implementation easy!“

Vitalogy in numbers

production area
monthly production capacity of capsules
countries where our business extends
annual CO2 savings thanks to the use of green energy
products we've developed
that much Mg we process every month
15 years of experience at your service“
Jan Štěpka

Our Commitments to Quality

Contact us

  • Prague office


    Antala Staska 1076/33a
    140 00 Prague


    Roman Jusko
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    +420 724 929 871


    USA, UK, Czechia
  • Vienna office


    Fliederstraße 16
    3430 Tulln and der Donau


    Marek Pastorek
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    EU (except Czechia), Switzerland
  • Munich office


    Franz-Joseph-Str. 11
    80801 Munich


    Marek Pastorek
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  • Production


    Vitalogy Manufacturing Lab & Production Plant
    Oderska 333/5
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