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Vitalogy expertly manages your supplement production, assuring quality and safety, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Mastering Magnesium

„At Vitalogy, we're setting new standards in the world of magnesium supplements. We understand the vital importance of magnesium in our daily health, and we've carved our niche as industry trailblazers in this arena.“

  • Unsurpassed Ingredient Quality

    Our journey to excellence begins at the source. We handpick only the purest and finest organic and anorganic magnesium based raw materials, setting the stage for superior magnesium supplements.

  • Tailored Product Spectrum

    We've mastered the art of flexibility. Our magnesium supplements range from budget-friendly essentials to high-end premium offerings, and span across a variety of magnesium compounds, including sought-after chelated forms and specialty ingredients like threonate.

  • Commitment to Purity

    We hold a steadfast commitment to purity in our formulations. Whether straightforward or complex, our magnesium supplements are free of unnecessary additives like silicon dioxide, ensuring safety, integrity and optimal health benefits.

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From Inception to Completion

  1. Formulation

    Our skilled team of experts proposes possible product design and formulation to meet your product needs. We review your formulation in accordance to relevant regulatory requirements.

  2. Flavouring & Colouring (powders)

    In case of powder supplements, we provide a huge spectrum of flavouring options to add a colour & taste to your products to your needs. We prepare samples of your formulated products for your approval.

  3. Production

    We arrange all necessary ingredients and administer the whole production incl. cutting, grinding, mixing, homogenizing, capsulating, etc.

  4. Packaging

    We package your products with your selection of packaging options.

  5. Labelling

    We make sure your label meets EU / UK / USA legislation before we label your products.

  6. Worldwide Shipping

    Your supplements are delivered to your warehouse, wherever you are.

Utilizing 100% renewable energy sources for our activities

In spite of the rising energy prices, we, as the first manufacturing company in the supplements market, have decided to embrace the path of social responsibility, utilizing 100% renewable energy sources for our activities.
This means that even your product, manufactured under our roof, was produced with the help of 'green energy,' meeting the expectations of modern customers who care about where they invest their money.
If you wish to communicate this information to your customers, you can use a graphical symbol or any other means to convey this message on all products manufactured for you.

About us

Vitalogy is an ISO registered facility specialising in the manufacture of high-quality dietary supplements. Serving a diverse clientele worldwide, we take pride in crafting top-tier private label nutraceuticals. Our dedicated team of production specialists, flavorists, formulators, and quality control personnel is committed to excellence. At Vitalogy, we uphold the safety and quality of our nutraceuticals, ensuring they remain appealing and relevant in the dynamic global health and wellness industry.

Our Commitments to Quality

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Prague office

Address: Antala Staska 1076/33a, 140 00 Prague, Czechia
Regions: USA, UK, Czechia
Responsible person: Roman Jusko
+420 724 929 871

Vienna office

Address: Fliederstraße 16, 3430 Tulln an der Donau, Austria
Regions: EU countries excl. Czechia
Responsible person: Petr Seba
+420 775 010 371


Vitalogy Manufacturing Lab & Production Plant
Oderska 333/5
196 00 Prague 9